The History of Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

If you haven’t already heard about trenchless sewer line repair, it is a relatively new repair method by which sewer pipes can be repaired without the need to completely dig up the piping. A less pricey option in the long run, trenchless sewer line repair removes the inconvenience and mess of having your lawn or driveway dug up. If you are faced with the possible need for sewer line repair for your Roseville home, you likely have many questions about this process as well as its history. The experts at Gene’s Water & Sewer are here to answer all of your questions and give you a rundown of the history of trenchless sewer line repair as well as what can do for your sewer system.

Trenchless repair

Over the last few decades, no-dig sewer line repair and replacement has offered a variety of benefits including environmental friendliness, cost savings, and minimal disturbance to surroundings. Prior to the invention of trenchless technology, companies were forced to dig trenches using an excavator and hand digging with shovels in order to repair or replace the sewer line. Trenchless sewer repair was first ready to use for private homes in the 90s and has since has been a blessing in the public and private sector, offering a better way to repair the sewer line. 

With trenchless sewer line repair, a resin-based liner is pulled in place the existing pipe, eliminating the need for joints. The smoother pipe increases flow and service disruption is lessened. This work can normally be completed in less than a day. Prior to trenchless sewer line repair technology, a project could take several days with multiple crewmen. By today’s standards, this would be considered very inefficient.

Trenchless sewer line repair offers a cleaner, more efficient way of repairing and replacing a sewer line. This process is highly desirable and eliminates the need to dig up those nasty sewer lines. You won’t need to worry about hiring yet another company to come to your home to replant your beautiful landscaping. With the “no dig” technology, these repairs can be performed with minimal disruption for you and your family. 

And, the future of trenchless sewer line repair is incredibly bright! There are constantly new innovation in sewer repair technology and Gene’s Water & Sewer is at the forefront—bringing customers the most efficient practices and the best customer service around.

It is important to note that trenchless sewer repair is not available to all. There are a few restrictions that apply and the experts at Gene’s Water & Sewer will be able to let you know if your system qualifies.

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