We address symptoms, causes and repair options for water and sewer issues.

Water Pipes

Question: What might be causing slow or stopped water flow?

Cause: Most likely cause is a build up of deposits in the water piping system. This issue is accelerated in galvanized or lead pipes.

Repair Options: The affected piping will need to be replaced. Gene’s Water & Sewer will assist you in isolating the cause and suggest the best repair solutions from the following:

Trench: Dig an open trench
Tunnel: Use a pneumatic tool “hole hog” to pull pipe in place

Sewer Lines

Question: What could be causing waste water flow to be slowed or stopped (sewage back-up)?

Causes: Most often caused by a clogged, broken or displaced sewer pipe between the building and the main.

Repair Option: Gene’s Water & Sewer will most often suggest an attempt at cleaning followed by a video camera inspection which will identify the cause and help select the best repair option. Once we have the results of our inspection, we will do a cost/benefit analysis and review the results with you before beginning work. The cost of the video inspection will be applied to the repair if we do the work.

Traditional: Combination of digging and tunneling
Semi-Trenchless: Pipe bursting, new pipe hosted where old pipe was
Trenchless: Resin based pull in place liner hosted in existing pipe, the only true “no dig” technology

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