Twin Cities Water & Sewer Specialists

When you need water or sewer line installation or repair, you can count on the experts at Gene’s Water & Sewer. In business since 1977, we are proud to serve the Minneapolis/St Paul area of Minnesota. We install, service and repair both water pipes and sewer pipes. We have several different methods to use depending on the project. We offer traditional repairs that involve digging trenches or tunnels, and we also offer semi-trenchless and trenchless repairs so you have less disturbance to your yard.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Twin Cities

Trenchless Repair

With trenchless repair, we use Nu Flow technology to fix damaged sewer lines. We install a new pipe liner inside the current pipe. This eliminates the need to dig trenches across your yard to access the pipe. You’ll save time and money since there is less of a mess to clean up, plus you’ll still get pipes that work like new! We are glad to offer this option for many sewer line repairs.

Before Image: Roots in Sewer Line. After Image: Clean Sewer Pipe Lining

Water & Sewer Systems

We are here to make sure your water and sewer systems work how they should. When pipes need replaced, repaired or installed, we can help. We also offer inspections and regular maintenance to catch any issues early on, preventing them from becoming larger, more expensive problems. Whether you have a sewer backup or sense a water leak, give us a call for expert water and sewer pipe repair.