Sewer Pipe Repairs

At Gene’s Water & Sewer, we can repair your broken sewer pipes and install new ones in one of three ways: traditional, semi-trenchless and trenchless.

Sewage Back-Up Repairs

Sewage back-ups are normally unexpected and usually result in a mess. It’s important to respond to a sewage back-up as quickly as possible, or you could see yourself having to pay to clean up some hefty – and disgusting – damage. The best way to tell whether your home is experiencing a sewage backup is if your waste water flow has slowed or stopped. When you notice this occurring, give us a call as soon as possible so we are able to repair your sewage back-up.

Traditional Sewer Repairs

Traditional sewer repairs are those repairs done when people think of sewer repairs. While they are somewhat more affordable, there is a combination of digging and tunneling involved. These repairs are suited for homes and communities where pipe bursting is not allowed.

Semi-Trenchless Sewer Repairs

Semi-trenchless sewer repairs are also known as pipe busting repairs. Semi-trenchless sewer repairs involve placing a new pipe where the old one was located, and lessens the need for digging. A hole in the ground is required at the home and right of way. A fused pipe is used, eliminating the need for joints, thereby preventing exfiltration and infiltration from occurring.

Trenchless Sewer Repairs

The only true no-dig technology which minimizes the need for digging, and you’ll save on labor and restoration costs. A resin-based liner is pulled in place the existing pipe, eliminating the need for joints. The smoother pipe increases flow and service disruption is lessened. This work can normally be completed in less than a day.

Trenchless Sewer Repairs

For more information on our sewer repair services, please contact Gene’s Water & Sewer today at 612-781-3737 or Request a Free Estimate.