The Importance of Proper Sewer Maintenance

Your sewer is important to you, your home’s comfort and to its overall hygiene. After all, the drain and sewer system that guides waste water away from the house is likely the last working part of your home that you want to encounter issues. But if you want to make sure that you run into as few problems as possible during the life of your sewer line and drain pipes, there are a few steps you can take to keep yours in top condition. And as experts in sewer system repair in Bloomington, we’d like to offer a few tips to keep your home’s sewer pipes flowing and working as they should.

sewer system repair

First, watch what you are putting down the drain. If your kitchen has a garbage disposal, this is especially important. Make sure no plastic wrappers, bones, oils, fats or grease find their way down the drain.

Next, keep on the lookout for any needed sewer system repair. Look around your property from time to time for signs of a sewage leak. The signs may include wet spots around the property or in the yard, as well as foul smells. Another sign you may need sewer system repair is if you notice the grass seems to grow in a little too quickly or appears to be greener than the rest of the yard.

One of the most important parts of avoiding unnecessary sewer system repair is to invest in quality professional maintenance of your plumbing and sewer. Regular professional plumbing maintenance includes a thorough inspection of your entire plumbing system, from the pipes to the water heater to the kitchen sink, to ensure everything is in top shape.

If your toilet or drains are clogging up easily or not draining as quickly as they used to, sewer system repair might be needed. The mainline could be clogged, and that is the kind of repair that should be left to the professionals. And, when you do require sewer system repair, it is important to always have it handled by experienced professionals like those at Gene’s Water & Sewer.

Tree roots are another very common cause of sewer line issues. They can grow and wedge their way into your sewer pipe through joints and cause a huge amount of damage. When your sewer is experiencing issues like this, proper sewer system repair is necessary as soon as possible to keep the problem from getting worse.

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