History of the Water System

Civilization would not have blossomed into what we know today without the help of efficient, reliable water and sewer systems. Humans banding together into population groups that ultimately formed into cities and towns were dependent upon steady water supply to maintain burgeoning numbers of growth.

Early civilized humans developed in largely dry (if not desert) areas, as near a natural source of water as was possible. Many populations found underground supplies of water, dug wells and were able to provide for their basic hydro needs in this fashion. Those groups that failed in these areas suffered dehydration and often death. As time passed, understanding in engineering led ultimately to the manipulation of water as it existed in its natural state (rivers, streams) and through varying forms brought the water to the population base.

The Indus Valley and Ancient Greek civilizations, known more for their sewage systems, both possessed public water systems. The Ancient Greeks of Athens and Asia Minor employed underground clay pipes for water, most notably for pressurized shower systems.

The most famous of water system creations in the ancient world lies within the Roman Aqueduct. The principle of the ancient aqueduct is simple, although complex in construction. Water stored in higher elevations rode brick, concrete or stone structures in a slight downward gradient through the force of gravity alone into towns and cities for a wide range of purposes. They were built with such efficiency that several are at least partially in use today.

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