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Sewer Pipe Lining Bloomington

No one wants to experience sewer line trouble. In fact, one of the most dreaded problems for a homeowner is a sewer backup. However, it is something that must be addressed as soon as possible to avoid bigger, more extensive problems. And these days, there are easier, more convenient and less destructive solutions to the problem; one being, trenchless sewer repairs involving sewer pipe lining. Sewer lining and trenchless sewer repairs are becoming more and more popular as homeowners realize there is a way to repair sewers and pipes without all the extensive digging. Sewer pipe lining provides a less disruptive way to fix broken sewer pipes, and it means that it’s less likely you will have to have your landscaping replaced after the repair work is done. Gene’s Water & Sewer is one of the best names in sewer pipe lining for Bloomington and the surrounding areas and we can help when you need it!

Sewer pipe lining is a fantastic solution that can get your sewer the repairs it needs. So, when your home needs sewer repair, give us a call and see if sewer pipe lining is an option for you.

Sewer Pipe Lining from Gene’s Water & Sewer

At Gene’s Water & Sewer we understand the importance of sewer repair. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured, and we’ve been in this business since 1977. For decades, Gene’s Water & Sewer has been serving the area providing prompt, reliable work on any and all plumbing problems that befall the area’s sewer and water pipes. Our number one priority is to ensure you not only get the right kind of service you require but at a great price too.

So, how does sewer pipe lining work? Using the pull-in-place application, a felt liner is saturated with epoxy and pulled into place inside the sewer pipes. Once in place an internal rubber bladder is expanded with air pressure allowing the epoxy to adhere to the host pipe. It acts as a stand-alone pipe within a pipe. The epoxy pipe liner creates a seamless, jointless, pipe-within-a-pipe that is used to rehabilitate deteriorating sewer lines. Sewer pipe lining offers a fantastic way to fix aging sewer lines, which are subject to cracking and rusting out on the bottom.

Gene’s Water & Sewer is happy to provide sewer pipe lining. It is just as effective as traditional sewer repair, but is much less obtrusive and may even last longer.

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