Gene’s Water & Sewer is the contractor choice for outside water and sewer installation and repair. Our services include the following:

Water Pipe Repairs

Repair Services

Have a water leak? Gene’s Water & Sewer specializes in the following types of water pipe repairs.

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Trench Repairs

Our crew digs an open trench and does the repairs/replacements. Trench repairs are somewhat less costly, and has a significant, experienced contractor base.

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Tunnel Repairs

A pneumatic tool (“hole hog”) to pull the pipe into place. This minimizes the amount of digging, which saves customers from additional labor and restoration costs, and a minimum amount of disruption of service.

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Sewer Pipe Repairs

Repair Services

Has the flow of your waste water stopped or slowed? We repair “sewage back-ups” that are experiencing these problems.

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Traditional Repairs

These repairs are done with a combination of digging and tunneling. Like with the water pipe repairs, they’re somewhat more affordable, and has a significant, experienced contractor base.

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Semi-Trenchless Repairs

Also known as pipe bursting repairs. This involves the placement of a new pipe where the old one was, which lessens the need for digging. The process requires a hole in the ground at the house and right of way. Semi-trenchless repairs use a fused pipe, which eliminates the need for joints, and stops infiltration and exfiltration.

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