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Eden Prairie Sewer Repairs

Homeownership means many things, and while most are positive, but there are some elements of home ownership that can be disheartening, especially when it comes to sewer-related repairs.

Eden Prairie Sewer Repair Prevention

Perhaps of all the things an Eden Prairie homeowner can face, sewer repairs would be one at the top of the list as being not enjoyed. Luckily, there are things one can do to keep sewer repairs at a minimum. These include:

  • Not pouring anything down the drains that can cause a buildup — grease, some cleaners, oil based paints, etc.
  • Not flushing items such as paper towels, sanitary items, excess amounts of tissue
  • Paying attention to any signs – both inside and out – of a sewer problem

Signs Your Sewer Pipes/Lines Need Repairs in Eden Prairie

  • Cracked walls or floors are often telltale signs that the foundation has shifted, some. This shifting may be the result of excess water in the soil due to a broken sewer line. Other indicators of damage would be sinkholes outdoors, and odor both inside and outside.

  • Water stains around basement floor drains. These are key indicators that a sewer repair may be in the future (if not the immediate) schedule. The stains are signs that the sewer line is not draining correctly. Since the floor drain is typically at the lowest access point to the sewer, any discoloration at the drain is a good clue that a sewer repair may be needed.

  • Do you see any service stickers? If you are merely looking at a house as a potential purchase, then be sure to look for any service stickers. These stickers indicate that sewer repairs have been made at some point. They will often tell you that the property is on a preventative maintenance program for regular cleaning to prevent future sewer repair needs.

  • Another thing you need to check when looking at a house, are any “cleanout” plugs. These should be by the basement, the crawl space or outside the house. Before the 1980s, a brass plug was used. If the cap has been replaced with a PVC cap, then it is a good indicator that sewer repairs or a chemical cleaning has taken place.

  • A clean out of the sewer lines that was not original to the home can be a good clue that sewer repair has been done and that special care should be taken to prevent any future problems.

  • Look around the yard. Are there any large trees growing near where the sewer lines are buried? If so, you may want to have a video inspection of the sewer lines to see if sewer repairs could be needed. This is because tree roots can be especially damaging to sewer lines and you may need to decide what to do about the trees.

Eden Prairie sewer repairs can be extremely expensive, so you want to do your part to keep them at bay.

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