There may be cracked sewer pipes under that lawn of yours. If so, you are likely doing everything within your power to avoid thinking about the hassle that will be having your property destroyed in the effort to install new sewer piping. A new technology has burst upon the scene that allows for your pipes to be fixed with a very small amount of digging required. Gene’s Water & Sewer, experts in sewer lining for Roseville area homes offers this service as a more efficient, cost effective means of repairing damaged pipes underground. Going the trenchless or semi-trenchless route for your sewer lining implementation will save a lot all the way around, including a better flow of waste from your home to the sewer system.

Trenchless technology is a type of subsurface plumbing installation that calls for smaller holes, rather than trenches. A group of different methodologies, materials, and equipment are utilized to install a sewer lining within the already existing underground piping that will allow for minimal disruption to property and daily activities to home owners.

The ambient-resin based sewer liners are “Pull in Place”, we can use the existing cleanout in your house to pull a new liner in place where needed.   The process and installation of these sewer liners is an altogether easier process than is digging up your property and helps you avoid potentially expensive repairs to get your lawn and driveway back in place. The resin lining may just make it so your pipes never have to be repaired again! The technology is that awesome!

The condition of the existing pipe needs to be considered when lining.  We need to have the circumference of the pipe in tack, to line the existing pipe.  Otherwise we may need a small traditional dig to repair the pipe where applicable and line the rest of the sewer.  Get a hold of us and we will come out to see if your property will allow for this type of plumbing repair at your home. It will save you headaches in the long run!

A pipe within a pipe, the cracks, fractures and bursts that create the need to have a new pipe drawn in to replace the old will become a thing of the past with trenchless sewer liner repair!

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